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Today’s Traditional dating has become outdated after 50 years. It has become too confusing, frustrating and no longer works well. Those who have moved into Recreational dating (friends-with-benefits and hook-ups) are finding it rarely leads to long-term commitment. Those in today’s hook-up culture are finding they no longer want or even know how to date.

So what is a single person looking for love supposed to do?

How is a parent supposed to protect their children?

Courtship is gone and along with it went healthy values and important guidelines.

Traditional dating has become far too confusing, dysfunctional and basically outdated.

Recreational dating rarely brings love with monogamy and long-term commitment/marriage.

In other-words, singles in America aren’t finding any good, healthy dating processes that work for those who want love and marriage. It’s time for you, the single adult and you the parent, to eliminate all those old beliefs about dating and welcome in new ones.

You have been given incorrect information. It’s time to make some very important changes in your belief system and in what you are teaching your children in order to become successful, for them to become successful, in dating and finding love.

In order to find love with monogamy and long-term commitment, you must take a different approach than when you are simply looking for someone to party with or for a sexual partner. Since you are looking at a different outcome you must take a different path, taking different steps to get there. Once you know the correct path and the right steps for dating success you can reach your goal much quicker and easier.

In this course you will discover the path, with important guidelines and rules to success for finding your true love. Parents, you will learn what to tell your children as they grow up! They will need this information to help protect themselves from those approaching them to have casual sex.

This Course Will Explain...

What You Will Discover in This Course:

  • Why today's dating scene is outdated and not helping you find love easily
  • The deep-seated, core problems with our dating scene plus...
  • The answers to turning them around
  • Why having rules and guidelines will help you become more desireable to the opposite sex and more successful in finding love
  • Why the media and others are a hinderance to your success
  • How men catagorize women, the double standard, and how to use it to be more successful
  • 3 types of love necessary for lasting a lifetime
  • 3 very different dating syles and how they affect singles
  • The 5 easy steps of IntegrityDating, from meeting to marriage
  • Why gender role confusion is changing dating results
  • Why the new IntegrityDating process will help you have dating success quicker and easier

I really wish I had known this important information before I started dating. It would have saved me many years of heartbreaks and heartaches. This course will change the way you date now and change your results for the better. Parents, it will change what you are telling your children about how and when to have a girlfriend / boyfriend, dating practices, and how to keep their high standards in the middle of the peer pressure to start hooking-up.

It is important that you complete this course before starting the full IntegrityDating course. There are important concepts in this course that are not in the next. Thank you for learning and sharing this vital information and making a difference in replacing a hookup culture with an IntegrityDating culture!

I look forward to helping you and your children find love! See you in the course!

Your Instructor

Christine Marie White
Christine Marie White

Christine Marie White is the founder of the Finding Love Academy and the creator of the Finding Love Success System. Everything she teaches is based on integrity and healthy values.

After 40 years of research, study, working with singles and looking for love herself, she finally created a system that works extremely well. Her Finding Love Success System is what helped her find her true love, perfect partner, soulmate and Mr. Right. Now she is using it to help others find love also.

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