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  LESSON 6: Three Different Types of Dating Today

Three Different Types of Dating

America is now seeing singles divided in their reasons for dating. Some are looking for sex without commitment, others want to find love with monogamy and marriage, and others want a long-term commitment without marriage.

For those interested in opposite-sex relationships, we now find three different types of dating available. These different dating styles are creating three different dating scenes. After decades of research and study, I have broken them down into these easy to understand categories. You may find yourself in one or more of these. However, in-order-to find what you want and be more successful in finding love, you may need to change from one to another or become more committed to one. Here are the 3 different dating styles or scenes.

  • Recreational Dating: casual sexual activities, hook-ups, booty-calls, friends-with-benefits
  • Traditional Dating: no healthy values or guidelines, confusing, frustrating, outdated
  • IntegrityDating: based on healthy values and guidelines, innovative, new, timely

Recreational Dating

This type of dating is mostly focused on self-pleasure. Most singles in this category are primarily interested in having fun and enjoying sexual pleasures without monogamy or commitment to one person. This group focuses on casual-sex relationships or companionships; it includes friends-with-benefits, hook-ups, one-night-stands, the three-date rule, group sex, swapping, booty calls… you get the idea.

This type of dating is not one that works for those who desire monogamy and long-term commitment with one person only. Recreational dating is a huge promoter of sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, abortions, divorces, and broken homes. With this type of dating, we see only one of the three types of love that we need in a healthy relationship. (Explained in Lesson Five.)

This is a dating style (hookup culture) which is mixing with people of the next dating scene. Singles who are looking for true love and are trying to follow the Traditional dating scene often find themselves in recreational dating for several reasons.

Here are two of those reasons.

1. Those looking for marriage are often going to places that have a blend of both dating styles, Recreational and Traditional. They meet someone, hit it off, and jump in without first finding out what the other person wants from a relationship. They assume this person also wants monogamy and marriage, only to find out they just want to have casual fun with no commitment. Those who want marriage are frequently disappointed to find they have wasted time and emotions on the wrong person.

2. Some singles are passing time with casual, non-committal relationships while looking for that more stable committed relationship. They want to have sexual relationships with their partners now, while they are in the process of finding the person they want to marry or to spend the rest of their life with.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work well for those who want to marry. Sex gets in the way. It keeps these relationships in the Recreational dating category. These relationships end badly because they don’t start with both people having the same mindset and working to the same end.

Traditional Dating

This is the type of dating that Americans have been doing for over fifty years and is now outdated. Traditional dating has been and, for the most part, still is focused on finding love with monogamy and marriage. Unfortunately, since dating has changed so much over the years, singles who are using the traditional dating style to find love are finding it extremely confusing and frustrating. Most of the time, they are not really-sure what to do, when or how to do it. This maybe you.

Since today’s Traditional dating is outdated, so is the dating mentality of singles following this dating style. In my research, I have found that the majority of the population has developed what I call a dysfunctional dating mentality. In other words, their thinking is incorrect. Incorrect thoughts and beliefs create incorrect actions, which in turn produce undesirable results. This continues to bring confusion, frustration, heartache, and heartbreak over and over—before and after marriage. Even those who decide to live together often end up breaking up.

Some of the questions causing the confusion are where to find a quality date, who should initiate the dates, who should pay, who should make the first call, who should call back and when, should the first date end with a hug, a kiss, or a sleep-over? The questions go on and on with no clear answers. Everyone is still guessing.

Therefore, just as recreational dating, it has become a large promoter of unwanted pregnancies, abortions, sexually transmitted diseases, divorces, broken homes, and it usually only covers two of the three types of love important for long-term commitment. (Explained in Lesson Five.)

This is what often happens when couples meet today. Soon after they meet, they start a sexual relationship, possibly make a commitment, and maybe even move in together based on feelings and the desire to see if it will work.

However, once the going gets hard or they see the other person’s negative side, they are off to find someone else, hoping the next one will work. This incorrect pattern is repeated over and over, mostly because singles don’t know any other way to date. As I stated earlier, this was my downfall for most of my life.

Here again, doing the same things over-and-over yet expecting a different result. However, in-order-to get a different result, you must do something different. That’s why this course makes a third option available... something different... an innovative new breakthrough in dating and America's first complete A-Z dating process!


Many years ago, after I wrote my first published book on dating, I realized that book was doing what all the other dating books were doing. They all seemed to be addressing the symptoms instead of much deeper problems. They have good ideas, but no one was addressing the root problems as-a-whole. And no one had put the answers all together in an easy to follow process like the IntegrityDating process does.

Right then I knew what we really needed was to revamp the whole system or create a whole new one! We needed a way to correct our core problems. Some of these being the loss of healthy values, no longer evaluating first to be sure we are with the right person, not following important and helpful guidelines to make dating easier, and not being sure to have all three types of love in our relationship.

Once I decided to create a whole new dating process, I looked back in history to see what worked best in the past. It was courtship. It included all of what we are missing today.

However, we can’t go back to the past or bring the past into the future. Past courtship and the way they did things back then is also outdated. So, we are leaving all that in the past and creating something brand new.

Good-Bye Courtship! Hello IntegrityDating!

Courtship Was Our Past… IntegrityDating Is Our Future

With your help, IntegrityDating will spread around the world and not only help you, but your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. We are restoring healthy values for future generations, so we need to keep spreading the word. Let other singles know they now have a better choice.

IntegrityDating includes all three types of love and does not promote unwanted pregnancies, abortions, STDs, divorces, and broken homes. It's just the opposite! It promotes true love, integrity, respect, honesty, open communication, commitment, monogamy and all the good we deserve from a healthy, loving relationship.

This is a five-step process that takes you from meeting to marriage. It is a process which lays a strong, solid foundation for lasting a lifetime.

Changing the Dating Scene

Singles are now creating a new dating scene by telling those they date that they no longer date like everyone else. They prefer IntegrityDating. Women are asking men who want to take them out to follow this new process. This is what I asked my husband, and he agreed to date me according to the IntegrityDating process. What a Great Guy!

Now when men meet women whom they are interested in dating, they tell the ladies they don’t date like other men. They would rather follow the IntegrityDating process. This means going out casually first to see if you like each other and can have fun together. Women love this new, refreshing approach, and they love men with integrity!

IntegrityDating will help you break out of the vicious cycle of Traditional dating and help you avoid getting sidetracked into Recreational dating.

Traditional dating is outdated and is embrasing the hookup culture, becoming more like recreational dating. Recreational dating does not help those who are seeking true love. Both-of-these dating styles create unstable relationship foundations. IntegrityDating helps you build a strong, solid foundation for a long-term loving relationship.

So, it’s time to turn your life around and find your true love in a completely different way. It’s time to stop Recreational and Traditional dating and start IntegrityDating!

In the next lesson, you will learn about how the media is keeping you from finding your true love.