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  LESSON TWO: Introduction to the 5 Stages

LESSON 2 Introduction to the Five Stages of IntegrityDating

In the next few lessons I will share each stage in detail. I will explain what each stage looks like and what to expect while progressing through them. In this way, you will know more about what will be expected from you and what you can expect from your IntegrityDating partner. In the past you were confused and frustrated by Traditional and Recreational dating. Now, you are about to learn a much better process that will make your progress faster, easier, and more successful. The last lesson in this course will help you to share this new concept with new potential dating partners.

In a nutshell, IntegrityDating is one word, a new word, and a new concept in dating. It is the process whereby men pursue women following the dictionary definition of courtship: A man pursues a woman with the intent to woo and win her by demonstrating love to her with the intent to marry her. This eliminates those seeking alternative lifestyles, those who only want sex partners, and those who do not want monogamy and commitment. This new progression is meant for single men and women who are looking for exclusivity and lifetime commitment.

IntegrityDating consists of five stages from meeting to marriage. In the first two stages, Casual Dating and Romantic Dating, both men and women get to know each other’s character, values, goals, and if there is a good connection growing between them. In stage three, they become exclusive. Engagement takes place in step four, and marriage is the final step.

Following the Five Stages of IntegrityDating

Before you read these progressing stages, I would like to clarify something for you. As you read the stages, you will get a brief idea of what you should be doing in that stage. Some of you may have a mild panic attack because things are so different from what you are used to doing. But remember, the more you want to change from failure to success, the further you have to go in that different direction.

Hopefully, after what you have learned in The Introduction to IntegrityDating course and following the principles here in this course, you will understand the reasons why I have it set up the way I have. As you read, you will get more of your questions answered. Once you have the reasons why, I believe you will not only understand but agree that this is truly an excellent way to find and build a strong, healthy, and loving relationship.

To Find Love, It’s Time to Travel a Road Less Traveled

Please remember that there will be a very different dynamic working in this process than what you have been used to. Here is one way you will experience this.

Multiple Dating Partners

In the early stages of IntegrityDating, before anyone is exclusive, both a man and woman should have 2-3 IntegrityDating partners. When the man decides on his Keeper he will stop seeing anyone else and spend his time working to win her heart.

A man in this process dates several women—only until he finds his Keeper. Once he finds her, his focus is on pleasing only her. It is his job to woo and romance her until she also wants to be exclusive with him. This means that he may have found his Keeper, while she is not yet convinced. For a time, she will still be dating one or two other men, but he is romancing only her.

A woman is encouraged to see two to three men until she decides to become exclusive with the one who has won her heart. This will be the man she feels could possibly be her Keeper. If he also desires her, she stops seeing anyone else and becomes exclusive with him. At that point they are only seeing each other.

I was dating three men. Jerry was one of them. The other men were seeing other women, but Jerry said he wanted to focus all his attention on pleasing me. He became my hero and husband.

MEN: Once you find your Keeper, focus all your attention on her. Prove to her you are her Keeper. Remember that you are the pursuer and the woman is the responder. When you pursue correctly she may very well respond by falling in love with you. Don’t worry about her seeing other men, just follow this process and you will very likely end up her hero.

WOMEN: Keep evaluating the two or three men you are dating until one special man wins your heart and proves his intent to be your Keeper. Be sure the man you choose to become exclusive with has proven to you that he respects, loves and adores you.

In this new scenario, the man pursues the woman he desires as his Keeper until she admits he has won her heart and she wants to be exclusive with him also.

Now let's get started with the first IntegrityDating stage: Casual Dating