LESSON 2: America Needs More Heroes

LESSON 2 America Needs Heroes

What about today's singles who want a loving, monogamous, committed, long-term relationship? What about those who want a relationship built on integrity and respect? What about our children who will eventually want these things? How will they gain the knowledge and skills to find this type of loving relationship?

During my interviews with singles over the last 40 years, most of them admitted to me that they really want to find that one deep and true love who is completely committed and sold out to them. They are looking and hoping for that relationship where they are both head-over-heels in love with each other.

So, they continue to do the only thing they know how to do: they keep moving through one short-term relationship after another. They meet, enjoy the fun and sex of a new relationship. But then something happens: it gets to be too much work, they realize they don’t really like each other, or someone wants a commitment and the other doesn’t. They struggle to make it work but eventually break-up. They do this over and over in hopes they will find one that works.

And for a few, they do find someone to love and commit to them. But for the-majority-of singles, this is not working well. They are, as I said earlier, following the definition of insanity; doing the same things over and over while hoping for a different result. It is time to make a major change and do something that works quicker and easier. It’s time to start IntegrityDating.

Let’s Face It

Singles will always be hooking up. This activity will never go away. There has always been a place for recreational dating and that will not change. But for those who really want to do whatever it takes to find their perfect partner, and be in a loving relationship, there is now an IntegrityDating Success System to follow.

Will You Be a Hero in Your Community?

Consider jumping on the bandwagon and taking the IntegrityDating Challenge! What is that challenge? If you are single, follow the IntegrityDating progression and make your own transformation while being a better example to others. Help Turn the Hookup Culture into an IntegrityDating Culture by being the example others need to see!

Be the hero and the example your family, friends and community need to see by following the IntegrityDating process and finding love yourself first!

What is IntegrityDating? Keep reading and you will find it is the answer to what America needs to restore dating with healthy values.

There are many reasons why you may have ended up here. No matter why you are reading this, you are about to discover the IntegrityDating process and its Success System. You will also discover how they will help someone find love based on integrity and healthy values.

I believe you will be pleasantly surprised as you read through this information. I also believe you will be glad to see how you and other singles now have easy to follow guidelines.

As you continue through this course, you will find yourself on an interesting and even exciting journey. I know learning it was for me. Only your journey will be much easier because I have worked out all the kinks and lay it all out for you in a very easy to understand explanation and format.

Today is the day to eliminate your old beliefs of dating and welcome in the new ones. So, let’s get started with making some very important changes in your belief system.

This course explains what the dating problems are now and what the answers are for turning those problems into successes. When I was putting this all together, after listing the problems and answers, I realized people are more successful when they have a step by step process to follow. Therefore, I created one that incorporates in it all the best rules and guidelines for dating success. I call it IntegrityDating.

IntegrityDating – One word, a new word, and an innovative new dating progression based on healthy values with 3 easy-to–follow steps from meeting to commitment. It is not just dating with integrity, it is soooo much more. It tells both the man and woman exactly what to do, when and how to do it in order to end the confusion and to bring success in finding love.

Please remember when you see the two words put together Integrity + Dating = IntegrityDating, it means a P-R-O-C-E-S-S or progression, with rules and guidelines to follow. This process was created to help you follow the IntegrityDating Rules for Success which you will find as you continue to read.

These Rules for Success are the backbone of the IntegrityDating process. Therefore, this course you are reading now is a pre-requisite for the IntegrityDating course and was written to prepare you for it.

Over the Past 40 Years

I have observed an unbelievable number of breakups and divorces. Some remarried and others did not. Many singles were married 3-6 times. And I hate to say that there are now more singles struggling to find and keep love than ever. Some are even giving up; settling for recreational dating, being alone or just focusing on their children or career. This breaks my heart!

Everyone Deserves to Be Loved. This Includes You!

You deserve to be loved unconditionally and with long-term commitment. This is part of what fuels my fire to make changes and improvements in dating and finding true, deep, unconditional love. It has been the inspiration for creating my IntegrityDating Success System. These are the important courses that make up that amazing system: The Introducing the IntegrityDating Success System, The IntegrityDating Process, How to be Irresistible to Men without Having Sex, Is He the One and Is She the One.

This system is only available at the online Finding Love Academy. You will not find it anywhere else in the world. You are in the right place, right now, to find love quicker and easier.

After years of interviewing, researching, studying and practicing, I finally knew what the majority of our deep, core problems were. I'm not talking about the superficial ones, such as where to go to meet someone, how to dress or what to say. I'm talking about much deeper core problems like losing healthy values, no longer evaluating first and the loss of important guidelines. Once I had the answers for all of them, I had the IntegrityDating Rules for Success. You will find lists of both the problems and the answers right here in this life and love changing course.

In This Course You Will Discover

  • Why today's dating scene is outdated and not helping singles find love easily
  • The problems an outdated dating scene has caused America over the last 50 years of changing
  • The deep-seated, core problems with our dating scene and the answers to turning them around
  • Why having rules and guidelines will help you become more desirable to the opposite sex and more successful in finding love
  • Why the media and others are a hindrance to your success
  • How men categorize women, the double standard, and how to use it to be more successful in love
  • 3 types of love necessary for lasting a lifetime
  • 3 very different dating styles and how they affect singles
  • Why gender role confusion is changing dating results
  • The 3 easy steps of IntegrityDating, from meeting to commitment


I am not associated with any dating organizations or religious affiliations. I am promoting healthy values in dating, such as: respect, honesty, integrity, kindness, courtesy, trust, etc.

My accreditation comes from 40 years of studying under relationship experts and mentors, as well as my personal research and personal work with singles: one-on-one and in groups. During most of those years I was single and dating. Each time I made a new discovery I had to test it out in the relationship I was in at the time. If it worked well several times it was added to my list of secrets in my Finding Love toolbox and incorporated where appropriate. Come discover my secrets to finding your true love.

You Don’t Have to Wait for Love

No one should have to wait fifty-eight years to find their perfect partner, as I did. You deserve to go through your life in the arms of your true love, not alone and searching. Now that I have been with my Mr. Right for nine wonderful years, I sometimes reflect-back on the reasons why I didn’t find my perfect partner sooner.

Sure, I had a few other casual loves during that forty-year span, but never a deep, undying, wholehearted, unconditional love. Definitely-never with the perfect man for me. The others were nice men, good men, but not a perfect fit. Now I know the difference and want you to find your perfect partner also… not just another nice person.

Now, I didn’t find my husband until I learned what I was doing wrong and how to correct it. And like you, I didn’t know I was doing anything wrong. It was more because of my lack of knowledge. I just didn’t know the best way to do things. Once I learned and understood what the best way was and followed that path, it led me to a happily married life with a man who is perfect for me. This is what I want for you: to give you the changes in direction and head you down a path that leads to your success in love.

I Have a Dream

You are part of that dream. In that dream, you are deeply and happily in love! This was my dream for me, and now it’s my dream for you and singles all over the world. I want you to find true, deep, fulfilling love and not have to wait and search year after year.

More than forty years of my life have been spent searching for answers: the answers to finding love quicker and easier, to attracting quality dating partners, to recognizing a perfect partner, and to a dating process for those who want to date with integrity and healthy values. I finally found those answers. And I am making them available to you in my IntegrityDating Success System online courses.

Our Mission and Vision

We have a mission to bring singles of all ages the IntegrityDating Success System; a better choice for healthy dating, making it easier for them to avoid the path society has chosen, the hookup culture. It’s a new choice offering singles a dating process that is based on healthy values, effective evaluating and important guidelines. We also are reaching parents and children, helping them to avoid the hookup culture.

As the country embraces these new principles and processes we believe we will see a reduction in America’s divorce rate and broken homes, unwanted pregnancies and abortions, teens and tweens having sex and the increasing spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

As IntegrityDating singles across the country lay strong and solid foundations to their love relationships (based on healthy values and principles) they will be a better example for their children and grandchildren, friends and co-workers, helping their children and grandchildren to grow up with a better perspective of what true love and marriage should be.

Child influencers (parents, grandparents, teachers, churches, media, etc.) will teach children to grow up understanding these important principles and guidelines so they will not be drawn into America’s hookup culture, taking them down the wrong path.

Therefore, what you are being offered with IntegrityDating and all the courses in this Success System is meant for changing your life and the lives of your single friends, family members, co-workers, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and the future of America!

Now, it is time to start with you, moving through your first new and exciting adventure to find love and become a hero for those who are watching you. Here we go!


As you travel from lesson to lesson, you will find many dating and relationship misconceptions being clarified for you. Also, I list the problems before I list the Rules for Success. I do this because it is important you understand the problems first.

Once you understand these earlier lessons, you will better understand why I make the comments I do with each following lesson. So please focus on the importance of each lesson in the order it is presented. Skipping around will only get you confused.